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La tienda online internacional de BioNatal

Enviamos a todo el mundo de forma gratuita el aceite de comino negro BioNatal de las semillas más ricas de Etiopía. Por favor, comparta nuestra tienda con sus amigos para que más personas conozcan el mejor aceite de semilla negra de la Tierra. 
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Product Details

Officially! The highest level of Thymoquinone (TQ) - Up to 4.34%

Such high level of TQ is possible due to the following factors:

- The strongest seeds from the special Ethiopian region are used

- Non-filtered oil with 5% of powdered seeds in each container which adds additional TQ

- TQ is not burned during the extraction process as BioNatal temperature level is 77-98 F

More information about BioNatal natural handmade black seed oil you can read on our page PRODUCTS.

Packing & Shipping details:

- BioNatal uses imported high quality 16oz glass black matte bottles.

- Our 16oz glass bottle can be shipped only in the UkrPoshta with additional protection inside: carton, bubble film and foamed film.

***Estimated Delivery time: 1-5 weeks

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